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"Lisa is so a fountain of knowledge. She takes all aspect of the project into consideration and gives excellent feedback from multiple prospective that really helped me narrow down my direction with our project. I said she’s a huge asset to the course creation process"

Neeshea H

Wellness Brand Entrepreneur


"Lisa is amazing! Her technical knowledge and problem solving ability is profound and is such a relief for me. She has a breadth of experience of several tools and guides you through selection the right combination for your specific desired outcome. I am techie myself and found her to be very resourceful with strategies to simplify the process and giving me time back to work in my business instead of spending time learning and developing tools."


Rapid Transformational Therapist


"Lisa is an absolute angel and Godsend!!! She is an invaluable asset with all things technical. I had numerous questions which showed me her expertise in SO MANY areas. Best of all: her sweet patience working with me and explaining everything in terms that I could grasp was truly amazing not to mention the "done for me" option that freed me from tormenting time consuming details. Thank you Lisa ❤"


Author, Coach, & Aroma Therapy Practitioner


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